Dr. Lou Shuman and Ian McNickle, MBA, discuss the ins and outs of optimizing your online marketing results.
Employees can either be the best thing about your practice or your biggest liability - these tips can help you make them successful.
No one ever said that going paperless is easy (or cheap), but those who have done it say it's worth the price.
The transition to paperless can seem daunting, but in the end it could have big benefits for your practice.
EHRs might seem scary, but if used well they can streamline your practice and make it more profitable.
It’s a weird, weird world out there but these tales prove that the dental world might be one of the weirdest.
Using this code can enhance your patient care as well as boost your practice's bottom line.
What things do your employees want you to work on for the new year?
Infection control training doesn’t have to be boring or redundant. Instead, look for new ways to engage your staff.
Looking ahead at the trends that will define this year.
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6 myths about data encryption
6 myths about data encryption

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