Unmotivated employees can bring down a whole team, so addressing the problem quickly is important.
When associateships fail, it can be devastating to the practice. Hiring the right associate requires a thorough, step-by-step process to ensure the best results.
Digital Esthetics magazine explores the shadowy world of the gray market, where people can buy unverified dental products for cheap—and possibly endanger patients in the process.
Much has been written about marketing to moms, and for good reason. Moms are a powerful demographic, with many dentists considering women with kids their key target. How well prepared is your practice to reach the Millennial Moms in...
Dental team members are paid to perform daily, correct? So how do you balance the employee engagement with the accountability each day to the numbers and the goals of the practice? Dr. Tarun Agarwal explains.
Gary Takacs sits down to talk to dentists about the three most important metrics in the dental practice … and how they can reach the right numbers in each of them.
As a rule of thumb, a general dental practice should spend 59% of its revenue on overhead, says Dr. Roger Levin.
Why on Earth do we love to give scripts to our team members and then freak out when they freeze on the phone? How skipping the script can help your team members thrive and adapt in a real conversation.
Since its inception, the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has been a concept that dental practices have struggled at times to understand and implement.
Once the exam is complete, work your findings into an individualized treatment plan that includes everything from immediate needs, to eventual needs, to elective procedures patients may want to consider.
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4 ways you may be wasting your ...

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