Experts say the field of dentistry is shifting and new advancements will accompany the change. What will your dental practice look like five years from today?
Face it: you aren’t going to be a fan of all your employees. But how can you find a way to work with them?
Clearing the fog of confusion surrounding this vital code.
Creating a policy – and sticking to it – can help your dental office operate more smoothly.
We polled you, our readers, for your stories of the patients that will always stick out in your memory—for all the wrong reasons. From the infuriating to the disgusting, the bizarre to the absurd, your tales did not disappoint.
From 1 to 50, we looked at each state to see how it really stacks up for dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants and dental front office team members.
Learning how to effectively discuss treatment options with patients is key.
Patients say the craziest things. But, what about the things they are thinking… but not saying?
How ambient technologies can make your dentistry better.
When it comes to office renovation and dental cabinetry, planning for the future is critical for the success of your practice.
Group Practice
Pushing back against DSO takeovers
Pushing back against DSO takeovers

Solo and partner practices don't need to be overwhelmed by the DSO trend—if they take the right steps now.

Are the DSOs really taking over?
Why the future is DSOs
Why the future is DSOs
Patient Privacy & Security
How dental EHRs can streamline referral processes
How dental EHRs can streamline ...

Coordinating with outside specialists or referrals can be complicated and cumbersome—but EHRs could make it easier.

How to ensure your email is HIPAA ...
Aspida Recovery and the cruciality ...
How encryption could be your ...