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    10 reasons dentists should be thankful for their front-office staff

    Why dentists should be grateful for their practice management team.


    Office manager

    Sometimes it’s personal

    Dr. Watts has a unique connection and a singular appreciation for office management.

    “My mother was an office manager,” Dr. Watts says. “Trust me, I have great understanding and respect for them — more than what most doctors have. A lot of dentists think that their staff is blessed to be there. I think, ‘No, I’m blessed that my staff wants to be there or wants to make me look so good.’ Most doctors say that they are a patient-centered practice. Well, that’s wrong. I’m a staff-centered practice, or a team-focused practice with an indirect patient focus. If I focus on my staff, my staff will indirectly focus on my patients.

    "Meaning, if I give my staff a happy working environment, they will innately, unconsciously treat my patients better, because they want to be at work. I’m a staff-centered doctor with a patient focus. Because of my staff is happy my patients are happy and then I’m happy.”



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