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    11 qualities of the TRUE dentist entrepreneur

    Breaking down the key traits shared by visionaries in the dental field.


    4. Acceptance of ambiguity

    Ambiguity is the quality of being open to more than one interpretation. Dentist entrepreneurs can endure the uncertainty, the vagueness, the polar opposites that are the result of ambiguity.

    Because of this relationship to ambiguity, dentist entrepreneurs can deal much better with the chaos and surprises of growing a company. They can live with the doubt and haziness that comes with any paradox. This is what makes dentist entrepreneurs so unique: They can operate in the uncertainty of not knowing. 

    This is the opposite of most dentists who won’t act until the plan has been time-tested by others. Simply put, most dentists abhor ambiguity. The want the “answer,” the formula or the recipe that has been well-vetted.

    5. Vision

    A vision is an aspirational description of what an organization sees as possible to achieve in the mid- and long-term future. A vision serves as a clear guide for choosing current and future courses of action.

    Dentist entrepreneurs have an authentic vision. They are obsessive about creating a future that is unique. They understand that a vision is about a possible future, that it is not about them, and that it is possible to achieve. They see their vision when they go to bed every night and when they wake up every morning. In short, they are gripped by their vision.  

    It is vision that burns within a dentist entrepreneur. The vision is the source of their passion and resolve. Unlike most dentists, a dentist entrepreneur's visions are very real to them, not just some platitude, inanity or cliché. They can see it, feel it and taste it. They are truly on a vision quest.

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    6. Adaptability

    Adaptability is the quality of being able to adjust to new conditions, the capacity to modify one’s approach in response to change. Given the rapid shifts in the dental industry, adaptability gives dentist entrepreneurs a distinct advantage since it allows them to adapt rather than resist change.

    Dentist entrepreneurs accept that change is constant. This understanding enables them not to be positional. They have a much greater capacity to “go with the flow” than resist or get upset by change, which is the ordinary reaction of most dentists.

    In the face of change, dentist entrepreneurs remain detached with a greater sense of objectivity, which enables them to make more prudent and effective decisions. For a dentist entrepreneur, there isn’t a right way, there is just the best way right now.

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    Dr. Marc Cooper
    Dr. Cooper's professional career includes private periodontist, academician, researcher, teacher, practice management consultant, ...


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