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    11 qualities of the TRUE dentist entrepreneur

    Breaking down the key traits shared by visionaries in the dental field.


    10. Core values

Core values are the principles that guide behavior and action. Core values help people distinguish between what is right and wrong. They create an unwavering guideline for behavior. Core values help businesses determine if they are on the right path to fulfilling their business goals.

    For dentist entrepreneurs, core values don’t exist as platitudes—they exist as the bedrock of the company. When the core values are heavily ensconced in the firm, the culture of the practice will generate high performance and strong relationships.

    Rarely is this the case with dentists. The core values for most dentists function as banalities or good intentions, but their commitment to upholding their values is often weak or nonexistent.   

    11. Responsibility

Dentist entrepreneurs must be responsible. Successful dentist entrepreneurs hold themselves as the cause of what occurs in their group practice and their lives.

    Another consideration: Hire a non-dentist as a CEO

    Dentist entrepreneurs understand that blaming someone or something is the antithesis of responsibility. They also understand that guilt and shame are not responsibility, and are only related to defeating moral self-judgement. Dentist entrepreneurs understand they are the source, the head-water, the foundation of the way things are in their enterprise.   

    Responsibility determines how dentist entrepreneurs see themselves and their ownership of the group practice. Responsibility is the belief that “the buck stops here.” Responsibility is an existential stand that dentist entrepreneurs take no matter what.

    Few dentists embrace this level of responsibility.


    Dentist entrepreneurs are a unique breed. In my estimate, they represent less than 10-15 percent of all dentists. Dentist entrepreneurs have a driving desire, a passion, an unconditional commitment to building something special, and they devote their time, energy and money to making it so.

    As solo practice fades, dentist entrepreneurs will build managed group practices that will dominate how dentistry is delivered. These dentist entrepreneurs will be in their own way the Jeff Bezos, the Howard Schultzes or the Sir Richard Bransons of dentistry. They will bring their own expression, their own dynamic, their heart and soul, and their own vision to dentistry. Dentist entrepreneurs are the future of dentistry.

    Dr. Marc Cooper
    Dr. Cooper's professional career includes private periodontist, academician, researcher, teacher, practice management consultant, ...


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