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    3 key factors in case acceptance

    How to truly motivate your patients to pay for dentistry.

    Case acceptance is a hot topic in our industry—how to get the patient to want to spend money on dentistry. I have heard so many different presenters teach various different ways to accomplish this.

    I’ve heard all the suggestions: sit next to them and be their friend; send home a PowerPoint to the patient’s spouse with pictures of their teeth as a motivator; use certain words that will ignite a desire in the patient to get the treatment done ... and many more. Wouldn’t our lives as health care professionals be so much easier if we could figure out a sure-fire way to get our patients to want what they need? 

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    Think about it. People always find ways to afford what they want. They stand in line to get the latest Apple product. They save up to take that Disney vacation. They get interest-free financing to buy that new big-screen TV. Imagine if patients prioritized dentistry in the same way—if they could leave our offices feeling excited and happy about what they had purchased!  

    Just as much as the next office manager, dental professional, presenter and dental trainer, I would love to find the one foolproof way to get patients to want dentistry and to happily shell out hard-earned cash for their treatment plans. I would love for people to be excited about what we do and how we can help them. It would be amazing if the public would change their opinion about going to the dentist and getting work done to save their teeth.

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    However, that is not going to happen. At least not in my lifetime. No one is ever going to feel excited and happy about having a piece of balloon material clasped down over their mouth, getting drills and needles in their mouth, smelling their tooth as it gets grinded away, and drooling down their numb cheek. It just won’t happen. And the fact that after all that, you then have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for the privilege of undergoing the procedure—that is just the icing on the cake.

    So, when it comes to case acceptance, there are three key factors that we need to help our patients push through, in order to get to them to that place of wanting what they need.

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    Laura Hatch
    Laura Hatch is an Office Manager that has started and successfully grown two dental offices and is also the founder of Front Office ...


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