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    3 ways to attract new patients within 3 months

    Attracting patients is about more than just good dentistry—it's about relationships.

    Having an emotional connection to a brand is something which is rare, and storytelling is one way for your dental practice to stand out. Here are the top three ways you can be more personable on your dental website, and attract more patients who trust your clinical recommendations.

    Show who you are

     It’s been said that when someone shows you who they are, believe them. This applies to your dental website. When assessing a dentist, online searchers prefer to call an office that has photography of the actual dentist and dental staff. This dentist in Anchorage, Alaska has a photograph of himself on the home page. Many dental websites don’t showcase the dentist without some clicking around. If your dental website is easy to navigate, this is acceptable. But remember that people aren’t searching for keywords like “dentist Atascadero, California“ just to learn about dentistry. They’re searching so they can get to know YOU, the dentist.

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    Tell them who you are

    Now that your prospective dental patient has seen you, they’re likely interested in learning more about you. Telling a story about how and why you became a dentist can prove really useful in the “our story” or “about us” page. This dentist in Apex, North Carolina found that sharing details about his journey into dentistry and the kinds of challenges he faced. Dr. Rylan Hansen came from a family which encouraged him to pursue another profession besides dentistry. Even though Dr. Hansen says his family is supportive of his decision to be a dentist, readers are able to discern that Dr. Hansen had to deliberately choose to become a dentist. This is something which many multi-generational dentists can’t say. A good story involves overcoming a conflict, struggle or opponent of some kind. So a dentist who is multi-generational would need to choose a different, but similar story structure. Everyone has a different story to tell. What’s yours?

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    Don’t stop with just one interaction

    If you’ve done well to show who you are and tell your unique story into finding dentistry, you can’t assume that dental patients will clamor to call your dental office immediately. Following up with content which dental patients find valuable is of paramount importance. You can use retargeting ads, such as advertising your YouTube video to previous website visitors.

    One such example of a dentist who was able to attract more reconstructive oral surgery cases is Dr. John Nosti. In this interview, Dr. Nosti tells how he uses content, such as before and after photos of cases, as well as media appearances to position himself as the go-to expert.

    Delivering a consistent content-driven experience over time will help you attract new dental patients. When the content you provide is what your prospective dental patients actually care about, they’ll slowly become more familiar with your dental office and grow to trust your recommendations before other dentists in your neighborhood.

    Justin Morgan
    Justin Morgan is The Dental Marketing Guy. He offers SEO to dentists and helps them create stories which promote their dental practice ...


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