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    3 ways to fix a cash flow problem in your practice

    If your cash flow is dropping, it may be time to reinvest in your team.



    3. Elevate your staff.

    Ultimately the ability to train, enable and empower your staff will give you the most durable solution. Learning the “business” of the business will help them master the game and deliver efficiencies as a natural byproduct of their work. This means giving them the tools they need in order to drive the solution and grow the practice in a healthy way. There are a number of tools out there in the market professing to be the best at delivering you the insights needed. The critical factor for you to consider is how timely the information being returned is.

    If the solution requires data extraction and an extended analysis of past performance by an outside agent, then the information coming back will be outdated already. It would be like trying to drive your car using only the rearview mirror. A better approach is to get a tool that works with you in real time to deliver the insight when you need it. For the ultimate real-time analytics tool, check out Practice Optimizer. It looks at your data on a daily basis and provides your team with the right steps every day to be successful. It is a complete package of reports and dashboards that gives you the control to make change happen. If you need it “to go,” then you can pair it with Practice Mobilizer and never be out of touch with your office.



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