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    3 ways to help make communication the priority in your dental practice

    Increasing communication can lead to increased success for your dental practice.

    It’s no secret that many patients can be afraid of the dentist. While it’s unfortunate, I’ve found the best way to combat this issue is to educate effectively and communicate well. Communication is imperative not only to making a patient feel comfortable, but it is the foundation on which our relationships with our patients are built.

    Clear and honest communication improves our case acceptance rate, reduces no-shows, leads to referrals and, ultimately, a higher ROI for my practice. Read on for a few tips about making communication your number one priority at the office.

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    Utilize your technology

    Most practice management systems have a notes section in each patient profile. Encourage your staff to take advantage of this option. My staff and I consistently use the notes section in our system, Eaglesoft from Patterson Dental, to document any conversations and procedures relevant to the patients so we can check on any issue or developments in the future. This not only help to keep us organized, but it reminds patients that we’re thinking of them and keeping their history and preferences in mind when making future decisions.

    Additionally, our system has a messaging function for which my staff and I use to communicate with each other while in different areas of the office throughout the day. Patients’ visits are no longer interrupted if one of my staff needs me for a question as they can message me in the background through the messaging portal. This helps immensely in keeping the flow of the office on time and all schedules operating according to plan.

    Finally, the charting function within our system is simple and effective. Treatment plans are very easy to create and are presented in an easy-to-understand format for patients to read. All of these communication functions within our practice management system help create efficiencies for us around the office when balancing our busy schedules.

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    Dr. Kristine Aadland
    Dr. Kristine Aadland is a 2006 graduate of Oregon Health Science University. She opened her practice in 2010, and a year later opened ...


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