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    4 benefits of using gingival inflammation code D4346

    Using this code can enhance your patient care as well as boost your practice's bottom line.


    Data-based outcomes

    1. Create data-based outcomes

    Every dental professional sees gingival inflammation daily, whether it’s the hygienist seeing patients for routine care or dentists performing restorative care. We know the health of the gingival tissues is important with inflammation recognized as a catalyst of the oral-systemic link.

    Yet our tradition has been to think and behave as if it is not significant until major destruction occurs. This behavior is somewhat akin to knowing a person has high blood pressure yet waiting until there is a heart attack and need for a stent before the disease process is viewed as serious.

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    From a perio perspective, before there is clinical attachment loss, there are signs and symptoms of oral inflammation. With the past gap in our codes, we have been treating disease with measures meant for prevention.

    The D4346 code facilitates accurate coding for care that we have been performing routinely. The code creates a metric. Metrics can give us the power to quickly arrive at data-driven decisions that can improve outcomes and performance, drive cost savings, and enhance patient quality of care and satisfaction.


    Patti DiGangi, RDH, BS
    Patti DiGangi, RDH, BS is a certified Health Information Technology trainer through the Office of the National Coordinator for ...


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