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    4 benefits of using gingival inflammation code D4346

    Using this code can enhance your patient care as well as boost your practice's bottom line.


    Disease prevention

    2. Ensure earlier intervention and disease prevention

    This new code elevates our standard by identifying and treating periodontal disease in its earliest stages when intervention may lead either to an outright cure or a significant reduction in damage.

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    A standard of care isn’t written in single document, nor is it decided by the care providers or third-party payers. Rather, it is most often decided in a court of law. Lawyers, judges and others would find the standard from a variety of sources.

    A standard of care, in legal terms, is the level at which the average prudent provider would practice. It is how similarly qualified practitioners would have managed the patient's care under the same or similar circumstances.

    D4346 elevates our standard of care, and we can now cure periodontal disease — not just manage it.


    Patti DiGangi, RDH, BS
    Patti DiGangi, RDH, BS is a certified Health Information Technology trainer through the Office of the National Coordinator for ...


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