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    4 myths about dealing with conflict in the dental practice

    Conflict is inevitable, but what are the correct ways to deal with it?

    Dentists require a team of staff members to serve the needs of the patient. When everyone is busy, working together, there is room for conflict to arise.

    This article will look at how to avoid inadvertently creating conflict, common myths about interpersonal problems and ways to resolve issues when they inevitably arise.

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    It doesn't really hurt the team.

    You're partially right, a little conflict is part of life and the price we pay for interacting as a human race. However, major and prolonged conflicts have a significant and negative impact on how the team functions and interacts with the customers. But don't be too cavalier: what may seem like small problems to you may mean a lot to the staff who work for you. Although you are busy with managing patient care and running the practice, understanding the challenges your team members face and how they deal with and resolve conflict externally is important for the health and vitality of your practice. A practice mired in conflict is neither a place that patients will return to for care nor a place that will attract top talent.

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    Your office manager provides sufficient leadership.

    It is true that there are many outstanding office managers and other de facto practice leaders who step in to handle situations when problems arise. However, as the provider, you are still the leader and are therefore looked upon regarding professional conduct. Never forget that everyone's eyes are on you, taking cues from your behavior on how they should behave in your practice. Where you lead, they will follow.


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    Alitta Boechler, AuD, MBA
    Alitta Boechler is a marketing manager at Sikka Software. She holds a Doctorate of Audiology from the University of Iowa and an MBA from ...


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