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    4 rules to make sure staff meetings don't turn into staff beatings

    Does frustration boil over at team meetings because of production numbers being questioned or no organization to the meeting? Here are some tips that can help.

    The number one reason I believe that teams are not having meetings is that the doctor doesn’t want to take productive time to sit around and hash out issues. Too often team meetings are staff beatings. The doctor sees 50% broken appointments and calls a “time out.” What happens? The doctor beats up the team with words and tone of voice that are indicative of a hopelessness he or she is feeling.

    Remember, the problem isn’t going to go away just because you put your head in the sand. Communication and creative problem solving are essential for a team to thrive.

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    There is so much that can be accomplished if you just commit to putting your heads together. As a consultant, I have always believed that my job is to bring the team members’ best ideas to fruition. Yes, I have the ability to teach systems and communication skills, but the best ideas are rooted in solving problems that team members already know exist.

    There are four rules to follow that ensure a successful meeting. Check them out on the next page...

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    Laura Jamison
    Laura Jamison is celebrating her 30th year as a practice management consultant. Her practice is based in Tampa, Fla., and she has had ...


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