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    4 ways to make your office more green — and more profitable

    Being environmentally friendly doesn’t necessarily mean losing money, sometimes it actually helps you be more profitable.


    Heap of trash bags

    3. Stop creating convenience trash

    Think about the sheer number of disposable, one-use-only items in your office. Everything from disposable air/water syringe tips to bibs to towels to sponges to tray covers to needles to the paper cups next to the water cooler in your lobby — all of that really starts to add up in landfills.

    A large part of that waste isn’t disposed of properly, allowing for dangerous chemicals or biohazardous materials to leak into the ground or water supply. Since 1996, the medical community has known that the incineration of used medical supplies leads to carcinogenic dioxins being released, and while improvements have been made through monitoring, the process isn’t perfect.

    Dangerous chemicals aside, dental offices still produce large amounts of trash, especially from disposable plastic and paper products. Consider making the switch to reusable items wherever possible. Switch items like chair barriers or towels to cloth towels. Replacing disposable items with cloth ones can save you $2337 a year, since you’re not constantly paying to replace disposable items. It’s a quick turnaround too — it takes just 4.9 months to realize savings after investing in cloth items and a washer/dryer unit.

    Consider giving your staff reusable cups, it’s an easy $178 saved a year. Still using plastic suction tips? Invest in some reusable metal ones and save your practice an easy $170 every year. Little changes like these really add up, keeping landfills empty, the air and water clean from dangerous chemicals.

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