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    4 ways to make your office more green — and more profitable

    Being environmentally friendly doesn’t necessarily mean losing money, sometimes it actually helps you be more profitable.


    Green light bulbs

    4. Put on a light show

    This one is obvious, but there’s a lot that goes into it. The electricity in your lightbulbs probably isn’t even close to one of your highest expenses, but this is again a case where doing a little can add up to a lot.

    The obvious answer is to upgrade your building with newer, more energy-efficient bulbs. Everyone knows that, and it’s not hard (or very expensive) to do. But what about less obvious solutions?

    For instance, think about places in your office where lights are on all the time for no good reason. Why do the bathroom lights need to stay on when no one is in there? What about the operatory not currently in use — does that need to stay lit? What about other offices, is it vital that those are on? What about the break room?

    A simple fix like investing in motion-sensors or timers can help with those areas. If it’s not in use, make sure you’re not paying to light it up! This can save up to $600 a year, just from one simple fix.

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    You can apply this same strategy to other parts of your office. Do you have an old refrigerator sitting in your breakroom? Swap it out for something more economical. Turn off your computers when not in use. Are you still using old, less-efficient dental equipment? Consider upgrading to something newer — at the very least, you’ll be giving your office an upgrade it deserves.

    And here’s another radical idea, but one that might be harder to implement. You probably do most of your work during the day, so why aren’t you using the constant free source of light in the sky? If you’re looking for a new office, think about lighting that office.

    Consider adding a skylight, or more windows to let in as much natural light as possible. The more you can reduce the amount of light that comes out of your bank account, the better. And to top it all off, natural light will always look better than artificial light, and it will make your practice stand out from your competition. Do you want to be the practice where your patients feel they’re stuffed in a closet, or do you want them talking to their friends and family about how open and inviting it feels?

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