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    5 surefire ways to get an OSHA inspection

    OSHA violations can be detrimental to your reputation and your practice’s bottom line. Here’s how to avoid an on-site inspection.


    Training staff

    1. Not training staff adequately

    Failing to train your dental staff won’t result in an OSHA inspection itself, but if staff members aren’t aware of the proper way to dispose of sharps or how to properly wear personal protective equipment, then that could lead to complaints and violations down the road.

    Borg-Bartlett recommends dentists conduct practice-specific new employee safety training immediately upon hire as well as conduct annual training for all employees.

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    “This safety training must be specific to the safety policies and practices in the practice,” she says. “Taking staff to a trade show and having them attend an infection control course can be part of the annual training; however, the specific safety policies developed and implemented should also be reviewed with the staff, including the dentist.”

    Borg-Bartlett notes that it’s crucial for dentists themselves to also attend annual safety training since they are employees of the practice. New dentists hired on to the practice must also receive training.

    “Upon hire, they must be trained on the hazards they will or can encounter in the practice,” she explains. “These hazards may be biological, chemical, electrical and emergency situations. The Bloodborne Pathogens Standard requires that the dentists who are employees of the practice receive infection control training. This can include identification of biological hazards, education on safe practices for preventing exposure to potentially infectious items, sharps handling and disposal, post exposure management, use of personal protective equipment, and an update on transmission of diseases.”


    Kristen Mott
    Kristen Mott is the associate editor for Dental Products Report and Digital Esthetics.


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