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    5 surefire ways to get an OSHA inspection

    OSHA violations can be detrimental to your reputation and your practice’s bottom line. Here’s how to avoid an on-site inspection.



    2. Improperly using personal protective equipment

    Failing to follow the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard is usually the No. 1 reason dental practices receive OSHA inspections and violations, Borg-Bartlett says. According to the United States Department of Labor, the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard prescribes safeguards to protect workers against the health hazards caused by bloodborne pathogens. It address items such as exposure control plans, personal protective equipment, post-exposure follow-up, recordkeeping and more.

    Infection control and properly wearing personal protective equipment play a big role in this.

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    “The citations that we at SafeLink have seen relate to improper use of personal protective equipment,” Borg-Bartlett says. “For instance, whenever it is anticipated that spray or spatter may be generated during patient treatment, the dentist and the staff must wear PPE over their scrubs or street clothes. This PPE must be changed between patients and not re-used until laundered. Many practices now find that a disposable gown works best as it can be disposed of immediately after patient treatment.”

    Staff members must also wear a gown, gloves, safety eyewear and a mask while preparing dirty instruments for sterilization.


    Kristen Mott
    Kristen Mott is the associate editor for Dental Products Report and Digital Esthetics.


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