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    5 things to remember when making changes

    Whether you want to make small changes or large changes, a plan is necessary to both enact and sustain change.

    Welcome to 2016.

    It’s a new year, and you probably have some changes you want to make. Some of those changes may even be in your practice. Whether you want to make small changes, like how you answer the phone, or large changes, like how you manage clinical workflow, a plan is necessary to both enact and sustain change. This blog will take you through some basic change management ideas to help you get started.

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    No person is an island

    Just like you don’t practice in a vacuum, you don’t manage your practice alone. There are many contributors, including other staff and dentistry professionals. So when you think about making a change, ask yourself, “How will this affect the others I work with and in what way? How will they be able to support or champion me, and what concerns might they have with new procedures, systems and protocol?" Remember, a good employee is an expert at his or her job and may be able to offer insight into why certain problems occur and what solutions might be best to address these issues.

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    Build a plan

    Without a roadmap regarding how to achieve your goals, it will be difficult to implement the tools and best practices you wish to enact. A plan is important, especially when the change is difficult and you may be met with some resistance or concern. Ensure you have mile markers and check-ins to examine your progress and see what is still left to be done. But don’t be afraid to change your road plan if you encounter unexpected obstacles. Being flexible allows you to adapt as you work through new challenges.

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    Alitta Boechler, AuD, MBA
    Alitta Boechler is a marketing manager at Sikka Software. She holds a Doctorate of Audiology from the University of Iowa and an MBA from ...


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