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    5 things that will make you stand out and get a raise

    How can you prove to your boss that you deserve a raise?


    Women gossiping

    2. Avoid office gossip

    It can be so easy to find yourself in a conversation with another staff member who is complaining about another individual. When having any conversation about another individual not present, that is actually deemed gossip. You may have the best of intentions to hear your co-worker out, but it is wise to avoid gossip at all costs. Many hygienists ask, “How can I avoid listening?” I always recommend staying busy and telling your co-worker that you have a lot of work to do at the moment. If the gossiping persists, simply and pleasantly, advise your co-worker to speak to the individual that is causing conflict directly. If they can’t work it out, then they need to take it to the office manager.


    Avalene Roberts
    Avalene is a registered dental hygienist and founder of the dental staffing and marketing company DDS Connections.


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