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    5 things that will make you stand out and get a raise

    How can you prove to your boss that you deserve a raise?


    Dental hygienist

    4. Keep score and report

    Keep a separate notebook where you write down, on a monthly basis, all the positive things that the patients have said during their hygiene appointments. Record the production that you have made for the office on a monthly and yearly basis. Show how your productivity is helping the practice grow. Ask the dentist to meet monthly and review things that worked and constructively mention things that can improve. Offer a solution so your concerns are received from a place of good intentions. As a practice owner, receiving valuable input for the practice is invaluable. This will ensure to the dentist that you take your position in the practice seriously and compensating you will be worth it.


    Avalene Roberts
    Avalene is a registered dental hygienist and founder of the dental staffing and marketing company DDS Connections.


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