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    5 things that will make you stand out and get a raise

    How can you prove to your boss that you deserve a raise?


    Dental team

    5. Be a team player

    A full schedule of hygiene patients can be tiring. The trick is to get the entire dental team on board. If the dentist has a patient waiting, then seat that patient. The assistant will take notice and you can certainly have them seat your patients when you are running late. When the entire team moves as a unit, the office will run like a well-oiled machine. Of course, it is important to call overdue patients and remind them to schedule an appointment, but also allow yourself an extra couple of minutes to walk around and support the team. This is valuable to a practice owner. Ideally, most dentists want the hygienist to be fully booked, but if there’s an opening, get on the phone! Taking a few extra minutes, in addition to phone calls, to walk around and support the team speaks volumes!

    Today’s practice owners will give raises, but most want their hygienist and team to grow with the practice and show that they genuinely care. Stand out by doing these five things and you will get a raise. 


    Avalene Roberts
    Avalene is a registered dental hygienist and founder of the dental staffing and marketing company DDS Connections.


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