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    5 ways to attract millennials to your dental practice

    The millennial generation is the biggest yet, so marketing to millennials could be key to practice growth.

    Millennials, or members of Generation Y, are the generation born from 1980 through 2000. While the Baby Boomer generation was known as the largest generation in human history, the millennial generation has changed the game.

    The millennial generation is now the largest generation in recorded history, and is likely to become the most affluent and influential. If you haven’t starting thinking about the future of your marketing efforts, it’s time to learn a little about millennials and how they will change the landscape of the dental industry.

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    Millennials now account for one third of the total world population. That’s right. One generation comprises one third of all people on earth today. They possess over $200 billion in annual purchasing power and will receive an estimated $30 trillion of wealth from their affluent Baby Boomer parents.

    Millennials are the most educated generation thanks to a difficult job market and doting parents that wanted them to have it all. With this education comes a level of diversity of opinion and lifestyle not seen in prior generations. Success in attracting millennial patients will depend on your ability to adapt your practice to meeting the needs of this affluent and well-educated generation.

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    Patrick Goodness
    Patrick Goodness is the CEO of The Goodness Company a global healthcare and dental marketing firm. He is one of the most recognized ...


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