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    5 ways to be a better manager

    Employees can either be the best thing about your practice or your biggest liability - these tips can help you make them successful.

    There is a lot you can’t control in your practice. You can’t make customers walk in the door, you can’t keep your data absolutely safe, you can’t make everyone in your office the perfect employee.

    ReceptionistYou can’t do any of these things, but you can set up policies that help to influence them. You can create a great marketing plan to help advertise your practice, you can invest in the latest tech to keep your data as safe as possible. With employees, it’s the same thing. Invest in training that will help you be a better manager. Make your work environment the best it can be. Pay attention to how you and employees interact.

    It’s easier said than done though, so here are five tips to help you better manage what could be your dental practice’s greatest asset: employees. From front office staff to hygenists, a well-performing staff is vital. Do you have the tools to make that happen?

    Up next: Why do dental associates fail?

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