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    5 ways to be a better manager

    Employees can either be the best thing about your practice or your biggest liability - these tips can help you make them successful.


    Frustrated dentist

    Why dental associates often fail

    When I see a persistent problem in the dental industry, I don’t search for solutions in the same place others ordinarily would. Why? Because others typically look for solutions where there is the least power. Most people look for solutions that are either more, better or different — but the same thing they’re already doing. Although they might spend plenty of time and money working on these solutions, rarely does the effort pay off.

    Some people are entrepreneurial and inventive enough to experiment with new solutions. Unfortunately, trying to create new solutions to chronic problems doesn’t have a great success rate.

    Why do these efforts fail or under-deliver? The answer is invariably the same: because the context is not right.

    Click here to read more about why the way you view employees is vital

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