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    5 ways to be a better manager

    Employees can either be the best thing about your practice or your biggest liability - these tips can help you make them successful.


    Employee wasting time

    Know when it's time to fire an employee

    You do your best to hire the right people. You know how important a strong team is to your success, after all. Sometimes, though, it just doesn’t work out and certain employees end up doing the practice more harm than good — which is a situation you can’t afford to ignore.  

    Team members who aren’t performing as they should can cause a lot of problems. They lead to extra stress, cost you money, hurt the practice image and jeopardize your marketing efforts. Trust me, patients can tell when team members are struggling with their role or just aren’t very motivated. It shows in how they interact with them and with other team members.

    Click here to read more about letting an employee go

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