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    6 easy steps to making sure your new hire becomes a great hire

    While it’s inevitable you’ll lose, or fire, employees unexpectedly during your career, it doesn’t have to be the norm.

    Finding and retaining top teams is one of the most difficult challenges any dental practice owner faces.


    But, yeah! You’ve done it. You’ve just filled the position for a new dental assistant (or other position) and finally have great hopes for success. He or she seems perfect for the job and excited to be a part of your practice. You, on the other hand, are just relieved the hiring "ordeal" is over and are looking forward to practicing more dentistry again.   

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    Fast forward 85 days to the point at which your new hire is just about to complete your three-month orientation and training period. Let’s see how things are going.

    Outcome A: The new hire, we’ll call her Angela, is working out exactly as you’d hoped. She is excited to be a part of your practice and developing into a productive and positive member of your team. Patients respond well to her open and caring personality.

    Outcome B: Angela is doing OK but not anywhere near as well as you’d hoped. She does her job but without enthusiasm or enjoyment. She seems uninterested in getting to know her fellow team members or how their jobs align with hers. She’s been late a few times. She is polite to patients but nothing more.

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    If your outcome is A, congratulations. The first few months are often the hardest so if Angela is working out well at this point, chances are good she’s going to be a successful hire and stay with your practice for a long time.

    If your outcome is B, you’re not alone. It’s common for high hopes for a new employee to fizzle out within months, if not weeks, and for that person to exit the practice through what can seem like a constantly revolving door.

    Which leaves you wondering what went wrong—again.

    While it’s inevitable you’ll lose, or fire, employees unexpectedly during your career, it doesn’t have to be the norm. There are procedures you can put in place to keep that from happening on a recurring basis. This is even more important for a new dentist because the sooner you learn the steps, the better chance you have of avoiding common personnel mistakes that are guaranteed to cost you dearly over the years—not only in money but time, energy and stress.

    Click through our slideshow to learn the six easy steps to help make sure your new hire becomes a great hire.

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    Jan Keller
    Janice Keller has 25-plus years of experience in dentistry – clinically, and as an office manager and software trainer. Now, as a ...


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