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    6 signs marketing your dental practice could be a waste of your time

    The key practice management areas to focus on before spending those hard-earned marketing dollars.


    Dentist and patient

    5. Treatment planning and case presentation skills

    Lagging revenue isn’t always a result of a lack of new patient flow; sometimes all it takes to boost production is better communication with the patients who are already in your chair. After all, they already know and trust you, so your current patients can be a great source of production for your practice to tap into – no external marketing required.

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    Establish an open, two-way dialogue with patients. Look at each existing patient’s mouth with an open mind; rather than seeing all the dentistry you’ve done, pretend it’s a new patient’s mouth and look wth a fresh set of eyes. Present multiple treatment options or phases of treatment, but always give your opinion about the care you would provide to a similarly situated family member. And avoid letting pre-conceived notions about the patient’s possible financial situation cloud your treatment planning. 

    Talk with your current patients to discover the main motivations that are driving them to the chair in the first place. Then tailor each conversation directly to the patient, addressing why certain procedures are necessary or optimal – and how the patient will benefit directly from the treatment(s) you are recommending from an aesthetic, functional or quality of life perspective. 


    Naomi Cooper
    Naomi Cooper is President of Minoa Marketing and CEO and CEO and co-founder of Doctor Distillery. Naomi is a respected dental marketing ...


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