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    6 signs marketing your dental practice could be a waste of your time

    The key practice management areas to focus on before spending those hard-earned marketing dollars.


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    6. Nothing new to market

    Many dentists lament the fact that their patients don’t have a budget specifically set aside for dentistry. While this may often be true, the lack of earmarked funds is certainly not the only factor that keeps patients from saying “yes” to dental care. People don’t often need a new car, a designer handbag or the latest iPhone, but they are willing to pay for these items anyway because they want to have them.

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    Patients can treat aesthetic and even restorative dentistry in the same way. Someone may not necessarily want to go through a bone graft for implants, but he/she surely does want to have a megawatt smile. Give patients what they want – not just what they need – by offering the kind of dental care they desire – modern equipment, comfort-conscious laser dentistry, sedation, CAD/CAM, and adult ortho to name a few – and start attracting an entirely new type of patient.

    Dental marketing is not a magic bullet. When there are underlying practice management challenges endemic to the practice, these problems will sabotage even the most sophisticated and intricately planned dental practice marketing strategy. It is only when your practice is functioning at an optimal level on all fronts that you will begin to truly experience the power of marketing – and what it can bring to you, your practice and your patients. 

    Naomi Cooper
    Naomi Cooper is President of Minoa Marketing and CEO and CEO and co-founder of Doctor Distillery. Naomi is a respected dental marketing ...


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