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    6 things hygienists wish they could tell their boss/dentist/doctor

    Listening to these recommendations could mean the difference in whether or not your hygienists stick around.

    As hygienists, we respect our employer and the doctor’s cornerstone role in the office. 

    For that reason, there are some topics hygienists feel uncomfortable bringing up; either because of this respect, for fear of coming off as needy or as a prima donna or blatantly put, the fear of being replaced. I hear from an uncountable number of hygienists who express concerns that they face on a day-to-day basis. Here are some of those concerns that hygienists are coming to me about the most.

    Continue to the following page to see what hygienists wish their bosses knew...


    Kara Vavrosky, RDH
    Kara Vavrosky, RDH is an Editorial Director at Modern Hygienist, a part of the Modern Dental Network. She is best known for running the ...


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