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    6 things you need to know to survive the DSO revolution

    What you need to know about the future of the dental practice, how solo practices can thrive in a changing industry and determining whether a DSO is right for you.


    Dentist on phone

    The one question dentists need to ask about DSOs

    DSOs are not going away. They are growing between 13 percent and 15 percent per year. They are well financed. They are well led and well managed. They have powerful infrastructures and very accountable people. Young dentists don’t want to own a practice. Older dentists are tired of managing and owning. DSOs will flourish in this ecology.

    If the future is DSOs, and it is inevitable that it is the future, it is best to get on this train because it is leaving the station. The DSO tracks are laid for dominating the industry. They’ve got the money, the people, the processes, the infrastructures, the metrics. In essence, they have the wind at their backs and the sun on their face. So, what should dentists be asking about DSOs, given that they will dominate the future?

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    Laura Dorr
    Laura Dorr is the executive editor of DPR's Modern Dental Network.


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