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    6 things you need to know to survive the DSO revolution

    What you need to know about the future of the dental practice, how solo practices can thrive in a changing industry and determining whether a DSO is right for you.


    Dental team

    Are DSOs REALLY taking over?

    There's been a lot of doom and gloom about the end of private practice—but is the future really so bleak?

    Recent Dental Practice Management articles have identified a significant number of potential problems that dental private practice appears to have with the apparent takeover by DSOs.

    They are better funded, organized, and staffed, while wielding buying power that we could never imagine in a solo practice. The growth of DSOs seems to be at a pace which would scare any dentist into thinking that the end of practice as we know it, is in its death knell. But is it really as bad as it appears to be? Can dentists find happiness in our profession without being part of a large dental conglomerate? Let’s take a look at the issues and see if it is all doom and gloom.

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    Laura Dorr
    Laura Dorr is the executive editor of DPR's Modern Dental Network.


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