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    6 tips for increasing staff performance

    How to make sure your team is doing their very best.

    Improving employee performance is an ongoing process. In a previous article, we talked about the reasons why continual training is essential—Staff Efficiency and Productivity, Staff Motivation and Ownership, and Staff Loyalty and Retention. But exactly how can your office achieve these goals with continual training?

    Successful WorkersA practice that stands out from the competition is usually comprised of a great team that works well together—a like-minded team of employees that work hard to achieve the practice goals. So, how do we develop and nurture such a team to ensure stellar employee performance? Most practices make the mistake of focusing on increasing production, and so they invest in means and systems to support performance results. Unfortunately, many of these systems turn out to be time-consuming and impossible to implement into everyday work responsibilities.

    Here are six ways that your practice can improve staff performance in order to meet those long-term growth goals ...

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    Janelle Storck
    Janelle Storck, managing partner at Front Office Rocks, brings over 25 years of extensive dentistry knowledge and experience to the ...


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