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    The 7 deadly sins of dental practice marketing

    Falling prey to these mistakes could lead to costly consequences.

    Everyone is born with a “thing”—that one special interest that borders on an obsession. For me, that thing is marketing.

    deadly sinsFor decades, I’ve eaten, breathed, and dreamed marketing. I’ve experienced great success with my “obsession,” but I’ve also made some big mistakes throughout the years. Fortunately, my biggest mistakes were also my biggest learning opportunities! Every single mistake led me to a valuable lesson, and I’m a better marketer because of them.

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    That's why I’d like to share with you seven of the most common mistakes you should avoid while marketing your practice. And while the seven deadly sins of marketing likely won’t be your physical undoing, they very well could lead to your practice’s demise if you’re not careful. 

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    Jay Geier
    Jay Geier is a speaker, consultant and the president and founder of the Scheduling Institute. He helps his clients reach new levels of ...


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