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    The biggest mistakes dentists make: Not having documented step-by-step systems

    The following is an excerpt from Dr. Roger P. Levin's upcoming book "The 31 Biggest Mistakes Dentists Make."

    Based on his extensive experience with dentists in the past 30 years, Dr. Roger P. Levin has authored a new book entitled The 31 Biggest Mistakes Dentists Make. His premise is simple. As he says in the introduction, “We can learn from our mistakes. But isn’t it better to learn from other people’s mistakes?”

    Following is an excerpt from the forthcoming book.

    The biggest mistakes dentists make: Living above your means

    Mistake #12: Not having documented step-by-step systems

    All practices have systems or procedures for accomplishing administrative tasks and handling interactions with patients. Unfortunately, most of these systems came about without much thought given to what they should achieve or what steps would lead to the desired results. Even carefully constructed systems often fall short simply because they were created years ago and have not kept up with changing conditions.

    To avoid this common mistake, start with performance targets and then figure out how to reach them step by step. Suppose you set a target of reducing no-shows and cancellations to 1 percent or less. What would it take to reach this target? You’d quickly recognize there are many situations in which patients can be influenced to present as scheduled, as well as measures that can be taken to “train” patients to do so in the future.

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    Dr. Roger P. Levin
    Roger P. Levin, DDS, is Executive Founder of Dental Business Study Clubs – Dentistry’s only All-Business Study Clubs, the next ...


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