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    The biggest mistakes dentists make: Not using KPIs

    When a dentist starts measuring KPIs, it begins to change the entire direction of the practice, says Dr. Roger Levin

    Based on his extensive experience with dentists over the past 30 years, Dr. Roger P. Levin has authored a new book entitled The 31 Biggest Mistakes Dentists Make. His premise is simple. As he says in the introduction, “We can learn from our mistakes. But isn’t it better to learn from other people’s mistakes?”

    Following is an excerpt from the book.

    Mistake #17: Not Using KPIs

    Many dentists know their numbers for production and new patients, but beyond those two statistics, they fail to track a variety of Key Production Indicators, or KPIs. Consider the following questions:

    Do you know what percentage of your patients is currently scheduled?

    Do you know how many patients have left the practice in the last 12 months?

    Do you know how many referrals have been made by patients?

    Do you know which patients have referred more than others, based on monthly reports?

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    Analyzing numbers on a daily, monthly, quarterly and annual basis is now an essential part of running a successful dental practice. By not using metrics, most dentists are managing their practices without true direction.

    Another big mistake: Making decisions too slowly

    When a dentist starts measuring KPIs, it begins to change the entire direction of the practice. The doctor will be able to identify the practice’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Using that information, the dentist can take specific actions to both grow the practice and protect it for the future.

    The 31 Biggest Mistakes Dentists Make has now been published and a digital download is available here for just $59.

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    Dr. Roger P. Levin
    Roger P. Levin, DDS, is Executive Founder of Dental Business Study Clubs – Dentistry’s only All-Business Study Clubs, the next ...


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