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    Dear Coach: Advice for a dentist who feels exhausted every day

    In this installment, another tough question posed by a dentist is answered

    Editor's Note: “Dear Coach” is a continuing column bringing you the best of coaching for dentists and dental professionals from Up All Night Coaching. With Certified Master Coaches reviewing and answering you questions, you will be introduced to the unique benefits coaching can provide you.

    Reducing stress while learning how to enjoy both your work world and your home life is the goal of coaching. Please submit any questions you would like our coaches to answer to [email protected]. Your personal information will remain anonymous.

    More advice: Helping a dentist who knows his patients are fearful

    Dear Coach,

    Everyday I am focused on the most precise form of care. If I make a mistake, then I am not delivering the best care to my patient and I will beat myself up over and over about it. I have to hold myself to the highest standards of treatment, plus I have to listen to each patient tell his or her story. Every patient has one and everyone want someone to listen … but I don’t have just one patient each day. I have anywhere from 15-20 patients to care for. 

    Feeling Beat Up

    Read the answer to dealing with this situation on page 2...

    Cathy Warschaw, CPC, ELI-MP
    Cathy Warschaw, CPC, ELI-MP, Founder & Make It Happen Coach, started Up All Night Coaching to help the dentist and dental professional ...


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