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    How changing patient expectations will impact your practice

    Viewing patients as consumers can help your dental practice succeed.



    We order products over the internet and they arrive at our door step in just a few days. There isn’t a vendor you deal with that doesn’t have a strong Web presence and delivers exceptional customer service. That’s why you take Uber and not cabs. That’s why you buy your concert tickets on StubHub. That’s why you get a reminder text so you don’t forget. And when you have a medical issue, you open Google and go to WebMD.

    There is a different context when one puts on the “hat” of the consumer.  Different mindset, different world view, different relationship with people.

    And, there will be a different relationship with dentists.

    When one is a consumer you do not interact with a vendor or service provider like a patient—docile, passive, compliant. That’s how you win as a patient. But as a consumer, you’re a different person. You think differently.  You interact differently. You listen differently. And, you speak differently.

    Combine a patient with a consumer and what do you get? A patsumer. The industry better realize patsumers are a different breed.

    Given the emergence of the patsumer in dentistry is at hand, it will be interesting to see how it will impact dentistry as patsumers grow stronger, older and wiser—and more connected. The question the reader should be asking is, what do dental practices need to do today to succeed in this future tomorrow?

    Dr. Marc Cooper
    Dr. Cooper's professional career includes private periodontist, academician, researcher, teacher, practice management consultant, ...


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