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    3 tips for closing more patient phone calls

    Converting a phone call to a sale can be tricky, so here are three tips that can help.


    Focus on patient service

    ReceptionistAs dental professionals, we think that good dental care is our number-one priority. That may be true. But patients will never experience your excellent quality if they are disappointed by your service. If you want to close more sales, you need to make it clear to every employee that taking care of the patient from the very first call through the after-care follow-up is their top priority.

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    Paperwork and filing can wait until after hours. When the phone rings or a new email arrives, all other work should stop as your team dedicates its focus to giving patients the time and attention they need. Success is predicated on your staff taking the time to listen to patient needs, asking key questions, and building a relationship built on trust. Remember, patients will never do business with you if they don’t trust you.


    Patrick Goodness
    Patrick Goodness is the CEO of The Goodness Company a global healthcare and dental marketing firm. He is one of the most recognized ...


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