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    How to create a captivating email campaign from scratch

    Delivering good marketing messages can give your patients valuable information – and bring your practice more business.

    While marketing methods like video and social media marketing are getting a lot of attention, there is a ‘quieter’ marketing technique that’s potentially just as efficient and costs next to nothing: email marketing.

    We’re living in the digital age where everyone owns at least one or two email addresses. And in an increasingly competitive world, every dental practice tries to make its business stand out and get its message across. Research has shown that an average consumer may be exposed to as many as 10,000 marketing messages a day. 

    So, how do you deliver a captivating message through your email campaigns?

    Email is not dead

    First and foremost, it’s important to note that email is not dead. Just because we live in a world of 280-character tweets and 5-second videos, it doesn’t mean long-form writing is dead. Email is still as alive as ever and remains an effective, affordable communication tool for everyone.

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    Hence, it is important to capture email addresses from your existing patients and from visitors to your website. To do the former is simply a matter of asking for them. To do the latter, you’re going to need a specific offer on your website and a call to action. It can be a giveaway, a free training video, a special report, etc. The key is to produce something that speaks to your audience and their needs, rather than something that is too dentistry-focused.

    To speed up the process of figuring out which offers are most attractive to prospective clients, you can ‘split test’ the offers. There is software that allows you to have two versions of your website running simultaneously where the only difference between the two versions (in this case) is your two different offers. Once the testing is done, keep going with the winning offer.

    The money is in the list

    In direct marketing circles, there is an expression, “the money is in the list.”  Basically, what this alludes to is that while you may be able to sell a client once on the ‘front end,’ the client’s email address allows you to sell to them again and again and again (on the ‘back end’). 

    With that in mind, it just becomes a numbers game. The more email addresses you have, the more sales you make. Some direct marketers know to a fraction of a percent what kind of return they can expect from sending out an email.

    For example, if a business has 10,000 people on a mailing list, they will know that usually 1 percent (100 people) will take the first offer, 0.25 percent (25 people) will take the second, higher offer and 0.1 percent (10 people) will take the highest offer, etc. In this scenario, the bigger the list, the higher the number of sales.

    Of course, these principles are all well and good for direct marketers, but how does this translate to dentistry? I’m yet to meet a dentist with a mailing list of tens of thousands of people, but there’s no reason why dentists shouldn’t have mailing lists of at least 1,000 people.

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    Ideally, run two separate mailing lists (this is pretty easy to do with auto-responders such as MailChimp) – one for existing clients and one for prospective clients. The messages you want to send to these two groups should be quite different.

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    Angus Pryor
    Angus Pryor is founder and CEO of Dental Profit System, a full-service marketing agency in New South Wales, Australia. He is also an ...


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