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    How to create a captivating email campaign from scratch

    Delivering good marketing messages can give your patients valuable information – and bring your practice more business.


    Engage, engage, engage

    Now that you have a list of emails, what is the next step? You need to use it well and engage with your audience. First of all, your email will need a strong headline to captivate people’s attention and get them to open it.  

    This point can’t be overstated. Spend at least as much time thinking about your headline as the content of the email. In this regard, be aware that not everyone is going to open the bulk email you send out. These so-called ‘open rates’ can vary enormously.

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    As a case in point, with the emails we do for our clients, the best headlines have experienced ‘open rates’ of more than double those of the worst headlines! Headlines that have hard numbers (i.e., ‘5 ways to…’, ‘The top 10…’ etc.) tend to have better open rates.

    Secondly, it is important to keep in mind that the content of your email must be about your patients, not your business. Don’t write and brag about how many qualifications you’ve earned or how successful your dental practice is.

    Instead, think about what value you can bring to your patients. What solutions are you bringing to their problems? What is the result they will get from your services? Your audience -- your patients -- need to be at the center of your marketing messages.

    And if anything is topical, use it. For example, find a way to link your message to a current public health issue or a time of year (e.g., ‘How to eat as much chocolate as you want over the holiday season without damaging your smile’).

    Have an easy opt-out

    You’re engaging with your audience, and that’s great, but don’t be a spammer and send them emails every other day. If written with your patients in mind, an email once or twice a month is more than enough to get your message across. 

    For those who do not want to continue receiving your emails, they can always choose to opt-out. Make sure the opt-out process is just as easy as when people opt-in.

    You can also try to find out the reasons for their unsubscribing by doing a short survey at the end of the opt-out page. This way, you can improve your email campaigns and deliver better quality content.

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    Email marketing is just like any other kind of marketing, which means it takes time, effort and some serious brainstorming to get a good result. Delivering a good marketing message that stands out among thousands of others is never easy. However, once done right, it will not only add values to your patients’ lives but also bring in more business to your practice.

    Angus Pryor
    Angus Pryor is founder and CEO of Dental Profit System, a full-service marketing agency in New South Wales, Australia. He is also an ...


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