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    How to fail (and succeed) at marketing

    A successful dentist shares some of the marketing tips that have helped her practice thrive.


    That’s great advice! I hear that in several of the interviews that I do with successful practices, so I know it is extremely important to figure out how to create that experience for patients. Is there anything else you are doing by way of marketing, or are all of your new patients coming from word-of-mouth referrals?

    We do online marketing as well and have had a lot of success with that. We also advertize with a local magazine that we know a lot of our patients and ideal patients read.

    How did you find your online marketing company? I know this can be a really hard choice for people.

    Talk to your peers! Talk to people who are doing really well in markets similar to yours. I think a lot of people just ask anyone and everyone, but it is important to understand that your market might be a lot different from a friend's market. Find people who are attracting the type of patients that you want to attract in a market that is similar to yours. Get as many details as you can from them, and use those to make your decision.

    That is wise advice! One last question before we wrap up. If you had to start from ground zero tomorrow, what would your business plan look like?

    If I am being completely honest, I would never start from ground zero again. I would buy an existing practice. My strategy to grow that practice would be similar to what it is now though. Treat people right! Create a place where people are happy to be! Market in places and for things that are likely to draw the attention of the people that you want in your practice!

    Adam Smith
    Adam Smith got his start in the dental industry working for a company called Dental Intel. He was their first data analyst and worked ...


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