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    How to give effective feedback to your team

    Here are three steps to remember when providing positive or negative feedback to your staff.

    Providing staff members with effective feedback is critical to your practice's success.  

    Communication is important in any relationship, and your professional ones are no exception. Without it, your team could mistakenly misunderstand or misinterpret your intentions—even if they are positive. Whether you intend to give positive or negative feedback, remember it is important to provide constructive information that will help the employee in his or her role.

    Here are three steps to remember when providing feedback to your staff:

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    1.  Provide a specific example. Pick a instance in which the employee performed well or poorly. It is best if the example is recent. Give the details of the situation and be precise about what the employee should continue to do, improve upon or change.

    2. llustrate how the action benefits or hinders the team. Your employees may be unaware of what they are doing or how it affects others. Provide a specific example of how their actions affect everyone in the practice. 

    3. Communicate your expectations. Outline each staff member's responsibilities and communicate these along with how those duties contribute to the practice.

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