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    10 ways to help your dental practice compete now and in the future

    These steps can help ensure your dental practice's growth and success.

    Dentistry is a competitive field. If you want your practice to thrive so that you can enjoy your career and retire comfortably, it’s not enough to go with the flow. You need to take concrete steps to ensure the success of your dental practice.

    By learning to think as both a dentist and a CEO, I took my practice from $600,000 a year to $6,000,000 a year in 12 twelve years. I did this while cutting my marketing costs by 75 percent and attracting, on average, 300 new patients a month.

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    I often advise young dentists on how to create strong, profitable practices, but these tips aren’t just for people who are starting out. If you want to revive and improve your dental practice, you need to be doing the following things.

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