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    How to increase your digital ad leads with laser-focused customer targeting

    Pay-per-click advertising can prove to be a cost-effective tool for your practice.

    PPC, or pay-per-click marketing, can be one of the most precise, cost-effective tools to get you noticed online and grow your appointment calendar. But all too often, dentists abandon PPC because of the price of leads.

    In our experience, the biggest money-waster in PPC is not understanding and targeting your core customer efficiently.

    The sad part is it’s not a complicated process. In fact, running successful PPC ads has way more to do with traditional marketing than most people think.

    If you’re thinking about running a digital advertising campaign or you’re going to stop a campaign due to poor return on investment, then this article may help.

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    What exactly is pay-per-click advertising?

    If you’re a PPC guru and you know the ins and outs of digital advertising, then skip this section.

    If you’re new to PPC or you could use a refresher, then keep reading.

    PPC ads are advertisements you can buy via online media platforms like Google AdWords, Microsoft BingAds, Yahoo Gemini, Facebook and more. If you go to a search engine like Google and type in “dentists near me,” you’ll generate a results page. If your ad shows up on the results page and a user clicks on it, then you get charged a small amount from the publisher (in this case, Google).

    So, why do we love PPC? There are three main reasons:

    1. You only pay when a prospect takes an action. In this case, when the prospect clicks on the ad and goes to your website, you pay.
    2. You’re able to carve out an audience that’s highly predisposed to click on your ad. You can target your ad to geography, age, gender and user queries (i.e. the keywords someone types into Google).
    3. You can match the needs of prospects to an ad that specifically addresses their needs. For instance, if you want to target mothers of babies who are looking for someone to do their child’s first teeth cleaning, you can show those moms an ad that specifically solves that problem.

    PPC ads put your dental practice in front of the people searching for the specific services you offer, whether it be pediatric, general, cosmetic, or another specialty. Those are then the people who become your patients.

    If you want to get the most out of an ad campaign, it’s critical to understand your perfect audience for each procedure you offer and then give them an ad that specifically addresses their needs. This is where most campaigns fail: They target too broad a slice of the population, wasting precious advertising budgets.

    Up next: How to define the perfect audience...

    Daryl Johnson
    Daryl Johnson is the founder of Frontier Marketing (https://www.frontiermktg.com), a Premier Google Partner and BingAds Partner ...


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