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    How to increase your digital ad leads with laser-focused customer targeting

    Pay-per-click advertising can prove to be a cost-effective tool for your practice.


    Which targeting options are available to me?

    The key to getting the most out of an ad campaign is optimization, or being able to stop what doesn’t work.
    When we add targeting to your campaigns, we want to take the lists you made above and find targeting options on the platforms (i.e. Google, Microsoft, etc.) that match the items we know your audiences share.

    Let’s start with the biggest platform: Google AdWords.

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    With AdWords, we can target geographic and demographic commonalities in your audience, including:

    • Geographic
    • Cities
    • Zip codes
    • Counties
    • Radius around an address


    • Age
    • Gender
    • Parental status
    • Income level
    • Education


    If we are using Google’s Display Network or Facebook, we can also target psychographic items such as:

    • Personality
    • Interests
    • Buying patterns
    • Desires
    • Beliefs

    PPC campaigns do best when they’re consistently monitored, tweaked and optimized. By showing your ads to only those people who really want your services, you can stop wasting money because the people who don’t need your help won’t see your ads. You can get more patients by spending the same amount of money.

    Beat the competition by advertising smarter

    Dentistry is a competitive market. To win, you have to do a better job than your competitors with the money you have. The more profitable your efforts, the more you can invest.

    By implementing the latest targeting options, you’ll create a more consistent flow of patients into your practice at a predictable price.

    For more information on Frontier Marketing, click here.

    Daryl Johnson
    Daryl Johnson is the founder of Frontier Marketing (https://www.frontiermktg.com), a Premier Google Partner and BingAds Partner ...


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