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    How one hour a week can turn your practice from good to great

    Using four meetings a month to improve every part of your practice.

    What do you focus on in your dental practice? What do you most want to teach your staff? If you’re like most dentists, you’re focused on clinical excellence. You’re quick to correct the hygiene team if they’re not caring for patients well. You keep up to date with the latest dental research and use it to improve your skills. You invest in technologies that will improve the dental health and overall well-being of your patients.

    Clinical excellence is important, but it can’t be your only focus. To serve you patients well, you must combine clinical excellence with excellent practice management skills. When you manage your practice well, staff members are happier, which makes the day go more smoothly, and patients are happier, which means they are more likely to refer family and friends. Meanwhile, you can be the best clinician in the world, but if you don’t manage your practice well, you’ll lose your patients.

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    Do you feel like you’re too busy to devote time to better practice management? Four tightly focused monthly meetings can improve your practice management in just one hour a week. The key is to plan the meetings ahead of time and to keep them focused on one specific goal. That means no food and no idle chatter. Plan for one hour of work as a team each week, and over the course of each month you’ll hit every area that needs improvement.

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