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    How technology improves communication and efficiency with staff and patients

    It can also increase return on investment and case acceptance rates.

    There have been many changes in the dental industry throughout the years.

    When I started my dental career 25 years ago, I had no idea how much technology could change and, even better, improve a dental office when it comes to communication strategies and efficiencies. 

    Communication is key in any industry. This is why finding ways to improve communication with your office team is so important. As you start out in the dental industry, I encourage you to talk to others in our profession about how they’ve improved their communication techniques. One way my practice has improved not only our communication with patients and staff but also increased our overall productivity and efficiency was through implementing different kinds of technology.

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    My office has chosen to implement a practice management system, a practice marketing system, patient education software and an intraoral camera. Together, the four systems integrate very well and have improved our practice’s efficiency, communication and profitability.  

    Practice management systems build relationships with patients

    As you will quickly learn, efficiency and productivity are hugely important in a dental office but so is building a loyal client base. One of the best ways to accomplish all of these items is by implementing a practice management system. After researching and utilizing other practice management systems, our office found Eaglesoft by Patterson Dental to be the best fit.

    More on Eaglesoft: 10 things you should be using in Eaglesoft but probably aren’t

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    Angie Ellithorpe
    Angie Ellithorpe started her career in dentistry 25 years ago after obtaining her RDH and has since worked in various private practices. ...


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