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    How to use social media as free advertising

    Facebook can be a powerful tool for attracting more patients to your practice.



    Now it’s time to start posting. Try to limit your posts to once per day — You don’t want to annoy your followers and make them click the dreaded unlike button!

    People engage more with photos and videos. Images get more likes and comments than a post with just text. Users tend to interact more when emojis are displayed. Interaction with your page tends to be higher towards the end of the workweek. Try posting at different times of the day to see if there is a general time that your patient population tends to interact more. And keep in mind that shorter posts get more frequent responses.

    Any time you attend a continuing education course, snap a picture and post. Patients love to see that their dentist is staying at the forefront of dentistry. If you do any community service, post a photo. It shows that you are giving back.

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    Now for the exponential potential of your Facebook page. When a patient has a good checkup or a good appointment, ask them to post a photo on their Facebook page (and, of course, Tag your office page). It’s so easy to take their picture with their smartphone. It’s nice to include a staff member, such as the hygienist who cleaned their teeth. Have placards like “No Cavities Club” or “Look Ma, No Cavities” to attract attention.

    Encourage patients to check in on their Facebook page when they come in for an appointment. When they do, have them find your page in the dropdown that is presented and Recommend your business. As an incentive to check in, you could add their name to a periodic drawing for something like an electric toothbrush or free bleaching.

    The goal is to have people share your posts. These Shares will show up in their Facebook friends’ timelines. If the post is interesting enough, friends might share it with their friends breeding exponential circulation of your office brand — and all of that is for free!


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