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    One ridiculously easy solution to increase new patients

    When new patients call, they almost always want to speak to a real person

    What’s the first thing a potential new patient does when they want to make an appointment at your practice? It’s not a trick question … they pick up the phone and call, right? Knowing that, I bet that every single marketing piece that leaves your office has your phone number on it, doesn’t it? I hope so!

    Let’s face it, even with the ease of the internet, new patients want to speak with a live person. They want to know what to expect, what insurance you accept, how long it will take, etc. So they pick up the phone and call.

    In fact, nearly every single person who walks into your practice calls first. Do you realize what that means? Your telephones are literally the direct portal to your practice, and whoever is answering them is the very first, most important interaction that your practice has with your potential patients.

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    Does that realization strike fear in your heart or do you feel pretty good about “Debbie” answering the phones at the front desk? Have you ever listened to her? Or do you feel that “Geez, she’s been with me forever, she must be doing the right thing?” Well, if you’ve never called your office as a potential new patient, you just don’t know.

    Trust me. I have been working with dentists for decades now and I do know that every one of them had turned their backs on their front desk staff before we met. Every one of them was losing potential new patients and everyone had NO IDEA how many potential new patients were being lost.

    I can promise this: If you have not been paying attention to your front desk, you, too, are losing many new patients a month.

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    To prove my point, we conducted a study with over 400 anonymous calls to practices and—of those 400 calls—only 10 percent of team members asked for the patient’s name before they hung up the phone (and most didn’t even get the last name!) Only 3 percent of the team members we heard actually knew how to close on appointments! But here’s the most shocking part … 34 percent of the calls we conducted filtered through to the answering machine. This means that at about one of every three practices we called ... we weren’t even able to reach a human being!

    Jay Geier
    Jay Geier is a speaker, consultant and the president and founder of the Scheduling Institute. He helps his clients reach new levels of ...


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