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    Planning for per-patient production growth



    Wise business leaders know that, before venturing into new territory, you first make the most of what you already have. For you as a practice leader, that means maximizing per-patient production.

    Some dentists balk when they first hear that, thinking that it means pressuring patients toaccept treatment they may not want or need. Actually, all it requires is that you conduct comprehensive exams for all patients periodically, create an equally comprehensive treatment plan and review that plan and its benefits with patients… without applying any pressure at all, and most certainly not for unwanted or unnecessary treatment.

    This simple process has made a dramatic difference in per-patient production—and therefore total practice production—for many dentists because they had previously fallen short in at least one of the prescribed steps.

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    Comprehensive exams for all patients

    Through my efforts and those of my company’s consultants, many doctors have learned the value of performing an annual five-phase oral health examination for their patients. The phases are:

    • Periodontal

    • Tooth-by-tooth

    • Cosmetic

    • Implant

    • Occlusal

    Such a thorough exam will give you a clear picture of what treatment is urgent, what should or may need to be done in the future, and what conditions patients might want to address by accepting cosmetic or other elective treatment.

    Note that this exam should be performed not only for new patients but also for existing patients—and should be repeated over the years as patients’ oral health status and lifestyle change.

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