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    Same-day dentistry inside the dental jungle

    How offering same-day dentistry can have big returns for new dentists.

    There are hundreds of stories in the dental jungle. This is only one of the hundred stories.

    Today we will follow a dentist named Dr. Alan Medford and he will be our guide through the dental jungle. Dr. Medford, will be providing sage advice to his friend, a dentist named Dr. Blair Boyd. Dr. Boyd is a recent dental school graduate.

    Same-day dentistry: Say yes

    Dr. Blair Bennet took her first giant step a few months after leaving dental school. She became a new dental associate at Essex Family Dental.

    Luckily Dr. Boyd has a guide, Dr. Medford. Her question to Dr. Medford today is, “If you were me and just beginning your career as a dentist, what is the first thing you would do?”

    That’s an easy question to answer, thought Dr. Medford. The need to get busy fast was imminent.

    Young dentists don’t generally have a book of patients on which to work. They have no history in the practice. They are basically an unknown. This means they don’t have a consistent stream of referrals from satisfied patients. There is no backlog of people waiting to come in. There are no overdue hygiene patients to return with possible treatment. What is a new associate to do?

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    All new dentists must work on strangers in a nutshell. They have to be creative and be able to handle the dental emergency well. They have to be able to convert a dental shopper into a satisfied patient. With all patients being new they have to learn to “wow” them on the spot or risk losing them to the practice down the street. Patient conversions become a vital skill for every new dentist to learn.

    Dr. Medford expanded this concept: “One of my biggest mindset shifts of the last decade was focusing on “saying yes” and “same-day dentistry.” Whatever I can do for my patients today, I will do it. When there is a willing patient and we can create time in the schedule, we say, “yes” and care for their needs on the day they are in the office. We discover what the patient wants and we look for ways to complete that on the same day they are in our office.

    For instance, a doctor might say during the hygiene patient exam, “If we can work it into our schedule, Mrs. Johnson, would you like to get that done today?” 

    Each morning we have a team pod meeting. Our team meets for no more than ten minutes so everyone on our team knows what is happening on that day. We know where the holes are in our schedule and if we are on track to meet all of our daily goals.

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    When we know there is a hole in the schedule we can ask patients this question about scheduling same-day dentistry.  Our team is well trained and capable of spontaneous changes in our daily schedule so I know I can use this line with our hygiene patients when there is an opening.

    We build throughout the day to fill in the holes that show up in our schedules, both in the doctor and hygiene treatment rooms. We work as a team to engineer the best production possible to not only reach but many days we exceed our daily goals. Every player on our team has embraced a mindset of abundance and opportunity, not scarcity and limitations.

    Our team is patient-focused and everyone will say yes to do what is necessary for meeting our production goals. Everyone on the team participates in asking for new patient referrals. 

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    Debbie Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS
    Debbie Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS, is a dental consultant, coach, speaker and author. She is also CEO of Dental Hygiene Solutions, powered ...


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